Our Business Model

Laney BuildWorx employs a mixture of Stakeholder satisfaction, capacity and talent leadership, innovation and transformation, long term relationship with clients and suppliers, quality operations within project time frame and passion to create shareholder value and growth. This mixture is coated with safety and environmental management, advanced technology, diversification, working capital cycle management and on point modest project completion.

Compliance is our DNA. Not only are we aware of the benefits of compliance but we are also aware of the consequences non-compliance reproduces

  • Reputational/ Identity damage
  • Legal implications
  • Financial penalties
  • Deregistration from government/industry bodies

We do not only dutifully comply but also passionately comply because compliance is beneficial to both our business and the environment.

Given the contractual and cyclical nature of the construction industry, our business model helps us survive competition and help boost our competitive advantage. We defeat rivalry by employing project management strategies that cruise both on best value and on cost.